Texas Baptist Hunger Offering partners with Hands in Service Ministries and Manos Hermanas to teach families to produce their own food with ecological garden workshops for family and for community gardens.  

The children and the elderly are enthusiastic because the workshops also help provide better health with inexpensive food to share with their extended families and neighbors.  They enjoy being creative with their gardens using walls, balconies, and rooftops in areas where there is often little or no soil or space for traditional gardens.  They build their high yield gardens by composting their own soil and using recycled containers (plastic soda bottles, cans, pallets, tires, etc.) as grow beds. 

Different communities have been able to reclaim vacant lots for community gardens.  These can produce even more quality food for more families.  Cleaning the trash and weeds takes a lot of work, but working together helps build community relationships.  

We expand some of the family gardens with small animal projects that produced quail and chickens for meat and eggs, and rabbits for meat and hides using a small-footprint, vertical condominium cage format.  Table scraps and gardens feed the animals, and the animals help fertilize the gardens. 

Our direct feeding programs provide light breakfasts for children and youth with our sports programs, family food baskets, and a community kitchen for children and needy families during the year, and especially now during the COVID-19 epidemic. 

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