Lee Baggett, M.D.

Lee Baggett, M.D., was a member of the mobile medical-dental outreach team of the Hospital Mexico-Americano in Guadalajara, Mexico, since 1964.  The team continues to provide care for needy people in rural and urban poverty belts across the country.  

He was a founding member and is the current President of Manos Hermanas, a Mexican lay, broad-based human needs not-for-profit since 1994.  

He is also a founding member and currently Executive Director of Hands in Service Ministries.

Starting in 1964, Lee Baggett, M.D., worked as a medical student with the outreach clinics of the Hospital Mexico Americana in Guadalajara, Mexico, ,and starting in 1974, as a physician with the FMB / IMB of the SBC. He helped found Manos Hermanas in 1994 as a broader based organization to meet medical and other needs, and to share Christ across Mexico. Lee is currently President of Manos Hermanas, A.C., and Executive Director of Hands In Service Ministries.