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Alfalfa Concentrate, Divide and Multiply is Already a Win – Win – Win:

Leaf Nutrient, Inc., partners with Manos Hermanas family garden projects with their current process to produce an alfalfa cellular extract concentrate.  Their expertise and equipment help with community development as well as alleviate hunger and malnutrition in these poverty belts.

This concentrate provides a high value protein with a high level of an adequate spectrum of the critical amino acids, plus important vitamins and minerals.  One tablespoon per day of the concentrate can help correct mild to moderate malnutrition when mixed with the child’s regular diet (beans, rice, maize, etc.).   A severely malnourished child can recover with two tablespoons per day mixed with their regular diet.

The leftover crushed grass provides an easily digested livestock feed with the same, or improved, milk production.  The leftover liquid with its high protein and mineral content is diluted 1 : 3 for a powerful fertilizer.

The Iowa Hunger Congress invited Leaf Nutrient, Manos Hermanas, and Hands in Service Ministries to present our alfalfa extract concentrate program model at their 2014 meeting.  

We are currently seeking a feasible method to dehydrate the extract for a powdered form with a long shelf life for easy storage and shipping.  This could greatly expand its impact for hunger and disaster relief.

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